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Our Mission is Your Remission

Our mission is to give people relief from pain due to their autoimmune inflammatory conditions through a virtual-first clinic that offers end-to-end support from a team of experts, convenience and improved time-to-diagnosis.

Whether you’ve had enough of the traditional experience traveling for face-to-face visits or you were just told by your referring physician to see a rheumatologist for the first time, Remission Medical is for you.

Improved Time-to-Diagnosis

The evidence is clear: The sooner an accurate diagnosis is made and treatment begins, the more likely a patient is to avoid life altering surgeries such as total joint replacement.

Our virtual care model means that HIPAA-compliant video visits are scheduled within days. 

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Convenient, Virtual Care

Remission Medical is a virtual rheumatology clinic dedicated to providing top quality care and a frictionless experience to anyone, anywhere.

Board Certified Rheumatologists

We are a virtual rheumatology clinic connecting you with  rheumatologists who have trained at the nation’s top medical systems.

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Meet Founder, Blake Wehman, MHA

Blake’s diagnosis during college inspired him to go into healthcare administration. He received his Master of Health Administration degree from Virginia Commonwealth and began working at Bon Secours Health System before moving into healthcare entrepreneurship.

Blake launched Remission Medical in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia to help move more rheumatology patients into remission faster, and keep them there longer. He’s a proud husband and father of three boys.

Black Wehman

“You need to see a rheumatologist.”

Words I didn’t want to hear. But if you’re like me you scratch your head and say, “Rheuma-what?”

It started in February 2011 (I was 20 years old) with a clicking sound in my left elbow. I thought it was something common like tennis elbow, I was active, in my junior year of college, and thought, “I must have done something playing intramural sports”.

The pain was real; little fires in my joints. A Richmond, Virginia orthopaedist sent me for an X-Ray and an MRI done. And for the 36 long months I chased remission. Early on, I was told I couldn’t be managed by my local rheumatologist. I would need to go to a center like Johns Hopkins. At this point, I am five months into symptoms, having 104+ degree fevers weekly, excruciating pain (managed by opioids) and plenty of prednisone.

It was July of 2012 when I finally got into Hopkins they diagnosed me with “early adult onset of undifferentiated inflammatory arthritis.” After that I found my pathway to remission thanks to a rheumatologist named Dr. Martin who ironically was trained at Hopkins but worked at the local hospital near where I was going to school. We were true partners, working every angle. There were no televisits, no text messages, just face-to-face visits and a will to treat to target: REMISSION.

Over the subsequent 12 months I tried Enbril, Remicade, Humira, Orencia, and various naturopathic methods including adjusting my diet, and trying acupuncture. None of it worked.

Then, I was prescribed Actemra. And yet I was “bone-on-bone” in my left hip and required a total hip replacement. Actemra was my golden ticket to remission, but it wasn’t the end of my journey, rather the first chapter of this ever winding story of navigating the labyrinth of rheumatology.

Over the next ten years, I moved three different times and each time was required to find a new rheumatologist. Wait times varied from 3 months to 6 month. Faxes, waiting on hold, lost medical records, referrals hither and yon and long drives to/from appointments made it difficult.

I dreamed of a better model for myself and the millions of others battling their rheum diseases — of seeking remission and maintaining it.

It’s proven that improving the time to diagnosis (TTD) and starting the right therapies swiftly can save you from a joint replacement et al.

I started Remission Medical with innovative and forward thinking rheumatologists to offer a Virtual First model in all 50 states + DC, with one goal: Our mission is your remission.


Blake Wehman

Founder & CEO
Richmond, Virginia