Our Partner, Switchboard Health: Network of Specialty Care

Here at Remission Medical, the biggest National Virtual Clinic in America for rheumatology, we’re proud to partner with Switchboard Health.

Founded in 2022, Switchboard Health is a virtual-first specialty care network, powered through an innovative  software platform.  Switchboard’s provider matching engine identifies the highest-value specialists for patients in need of immediate care.

Switchboard integrates analytics solutions leader CareJourney’s unique, data-driven cost and quality scores into its platform so that referral coordinators and care navigators can quickly.

Primary care is undergoing a revolution in America, especially as the forward-leaning companies move into value-based care rubrics.  The number of chronic conditions increases with age: more than two-thirds of Medicare beneficiaries 65 years or older have 2 or more chronic conditions, and more than 15% have 6 or more.
Thus, it’s essential for PCPs to quickly identify and quickly access the right specialty care providers for their patients, and this is where Switchboard is a powerful enabler.

Switchboard users can rely on high-quality data that informs referral and navigation decisions, and for one in four U.S. adults, that could be a rheumatology issue, often a form of arthritis.

Remission Medical receives electronic referrals from Switchboard and moves the patient with high speed to diagnosis and/or either treatment initiation or treatment modifications, all with our steadfast goals of achieving patient remission, and keeping the patient in remission.

About Switchboard Health 

Switchboard Health helps providers, health plans, and employers identify and access high-value specialty care services. Their national specialty care network improves access, lowers costs, and provides much-needed support to patients seeking care.  For more information, visit www.switchboardhealth.com.