Telehealth Results Speaking to Efficacy

A recent report from the Alliance for Connected Care had two fascinating revelations. First, telehealth, which was greenlighted for reimbursement at the start of COVID in March of 2020, did NOT add to the volume of Medicare services, which implies it did not cause inappropriate usage of over-usage.

And second, patients availing themselves of telehealth didn’t have MORE revisits than patients treated with traditional, in-person care.  This implies that the telehealth visits were of sufficient quality to advance diagnosis and treatment. 

The Alliance for Connected Care (the Alliance), per their website, is “a 501(c)(6) organization that was formed to create a statutory and regulatory environment in which every provider in America is permitted to deliver and be adequately compensated for providing safe, high quality care using Connected Care at his or her discretion, regardless of care delivery location or technological modality. Our members are leading companies from across the health care and technology spectrum, representing insurers, retail pharmacies, technology and telecommunications companies, and health care entrepreneurs. The Alliance is advised by a distinguished group of patient and provider advocacy organizations.”