Trigger in Autoimmune Diseases: Trauma

Dr. Sara Gottfried had interesting information to share on a recent podcast called mindbodygreen

Autoimmune diseases are increasingly common in the USA, affecting an estimated 23.5 million people, 80% of whom are women.

For those who struggle with an autoimmune condition, many of the risk factors aren’t controllable, but it’s long been thought that one can identify specific triggers to avoid flare-ups. Now, according to Harvard- and MIT-trained integrative medicine doctor Sara Gottfried, M.D., author of The Autoimmune Cure, there’s a major impetus or catalyst that’s overlooked: trauma.

Dr, Gottfried’s book summary is illuminating–

We know that autoimmune disease—a condition when the body’s immune system attacks its own healthy tissue and cells—affects about one in ten Americans, or 24 million people, with prevalence increasing worldwide. But as New York Times bestselling author Dr. Sara Gottfried explains in this eye-opening new book, autoimmune disease may be even more pervasive than we realize—and its root cause may surprise you.”

And she says–

“Since that time, studies show [a high] ACE score is associated with more than 45 different chronic diseases,” says Gottfried. “Not just mental health—of course, it’s going to increase your risk of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, [but] we’re talking about physical health issues too. A much greater risk of diabetes, more problems with blood sugar, more problems with autoimmune disease, more problems with cardiovascular disease.”