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Vanguard Program

Remission Medical has a Vanguard program. It’s for those leading edge types, the innovators, the accelerators. The forward healthcare thinkers. For those who want Rheum care to be different. Better.

It’s a group of patients with a Rheumatology condition who want to advance the state of care faster, plus improve outcomes and not by a little. Those who want Rheum care to be far more convenient, much more effective, way lower cost, and less medication-centric. And care to be more accessible and inclusive, for ALL patients.

How it Works

It’s free, and we’ll run ideas by you in group webexes, ask you to try new approaches/products (again, no cost to you), and give high candor and sage counsel.

You need not have been nor become a patient of ours. And it’s much more inspiration than perspiration; it requires little “calendar” time:  A one hour webex per month with Remission Medical folks and your fellow Vanguarders, and a few emails we’ll send you. And it’s confidential, your name will be kept private.